Learning About Investing


You can learn about financial planning, on your own time, on your own terms, and at your own pace.

We offer learning at various levels of knowledge, and in various formats - from recommended booklists to educational seminars to one-on-one conversations with Sheldon.

If you know of resources that you think would help women business owners, please let us know so we can add them to this webpage.

Learn Your Own Way...Choose From:

  • One-on-One Learning with Sheldon
    • Clients prefer Sheldon’s ability to explain financial concepts in every-day language. Sheldon meets with clients regularly (at minimum twice per year) and when day-to-day financial decision support is required. At every meeting, clients are encouraged to ask questions, and Sheldon uses these questions as an opportunity to learn.
  • Learn with Your Peers and Industry Experts - Seminars
  • Learn on Your Own Time
    • Seven Questions to help you picture the retirement life you want, then build your personalized plan