Day-to-Day Financial Support

In addition to the traditional areas of investment management, including: financial and retirement planning, wealth management, minimizing taxes, income protection and estate planning, Sheldon encourages you to call him when you face any financial decision - whether that is to lease or buy a car, or buy a property in Florida.

Sheldon is known for helping clients to evaluate their options. If you need additional expertise, he will direct you to a tax and estate planning specialist, an accountant or a lawyer. This ensures you will get the professional advice you need to make good sound decisions.

Here is a list of examples of day-to-day financial questions that the Rice team supports:

  • “Should I have life insurance to cover my business line of credit?”
  • “Should we get mortgage insurance on our new house?”
  • “I have a business and am in the middle of designing a succession plan. What is an estate freeze and should I do it?”
  • “I need a good small business accountant. Can you recommend one?”
  • “Should I build up retained earnings in my business? What are the tax, or other financial pros and cons?”
  • “How much would I need to contribute to my RRSP this year to put me in a lower tax bracket?”

“Customized Investment Solutions for Women Business Owners”