IDEX-Guest Speakers Profile

Jacqueline Fairbrass, CEO Feeling Absolutely Fabulous, Founder School of Complementary Therapies, Life Facilitator/Health Consultant

Imagine what it would be like to enjoy better health, to have more energy, to achieve more of what you truly want and balance the different areas of your life? What would your life be like with higher self-confidence and self-worth?

Jacqueline Fairbrass has been helping people to achieve their goals and ultimately to feel absolutely fabulous since 1993. Through her one-on-one coaching, wellness courses and hypnotherapy CDs Jacqueline helps people to get ‘un-stuck’ and take the steps necessary to improve their lives.

Originally opening her private practice and the School of Complementary Therapies (SCT) in Ottawa, Ontario she expanded into BC and now is based in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley just south of Seattle, Washington. With numerous credentials in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and specializing in working with people with anxiety conditions Jacqueline brings a unique perspective to coaching and training. Available by phone and Skype Jacqueline is expanding into the US and the UK and her instructors, known affectionately as Team SCT, share her teachings with enthusiasm and passion.

Jacqueline's tag-line ‘Live Your Fabulous Life NOW. If not, WHEN?’ sums up her approach to working with others...why wait to feel good? Let’s get started! Woohoo!

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